bianca butthole
1965-2001 - we love you

    Betty 'Bye
    Freek Show bids farewell to a girl with balls.

    December 27, 2001
    by Jim Freek

    And finally, holiday festivities this past week were put on hold indefinitely as the local music scene mourned the loss of one of its most cherished and respected contributors. As a fucked-up finale to a year that's already bypassed the boundaries of tragedy on way too many occasions, Betty Blowtorch vocalist/bassist Bianca Halstead (affectionately known throughout the rock community as Bianca Butthole) was killed just outside New Orleans during the early morning hours of Saturday, December 15, when the car she was riding in spun out of control and into oncoming traffic. Appropriately enough, the song chosen to play during her cremation service -- held in New Orleans -- was AC/DC's "She's Got Balls." On Monday, an overwhelming number of friends and fans turned up to the Serious clothing store on Melrose (where Bianca had worked) for a small memorial ceremony. The usually rowdy 'n' rollicking Pretty Ugly Club celebrated its third anniversary on Wednesday at the Dragonfly, but even in the confines of this gilded palace of sex and sin, the gutter-glam vibe was replaced by an overall ambience of anger and sorrow as practically everyone was overheard gushing about their fondness for Bianca. Even her parents (as well as those of Blowtorch guitarist Blare N. Bitch) showed up to the club, clutching Bianca's ashes in a box which, Freek Show was told later by a family friend, were going to be transferred to a Kiss thermos. Throughout the night, performers such as Coyote Shivers, Texas Terri, Motochrist and club host Taime Downe (who was seen fronting both his trash/techno thing the Newlydeads as well as reformed Sunset Strip party machine Faster Pussycat), temporarily downplayed their raunch 'n' roll personas in order to pay tribute to their departed friend by covering Betty Blowtorch tunes or simply saying a few nice words. In the end, it was Taime who left us with the most lasting impression of the night, when, in a moment of pure melancholia, he called Bianca "my favorite butthole." Ours too.

    Article is an excerpt reprinted from the New Times LA.